Do you offer unlimited data?

Yes, all of our plans are truly unlimited data.

Will you provide wifi?

You have the option of purchasing your own router or you can add our Smith Internet Solutions Care Package for $9/month. 

Where do I get an invoice?

Invoices are emailed every 25th of the month and your payment is auto drafted on the 1st of the month. 

How do I pay my bill? 

Payment is auto drafted from either a debit or credit card on the 1st of every month. If you need to change your card information reach out to us and we will get that taken care of for you. 

How does wireless internet work?

We mount a radio on the outside of your home and point it to a nearby Smith Internet Solutions tower. The tower and the radio securely send and receive your Internet content. From the outside radio, we run a cable into your home where a router will need to be installed. 

Does weather affect the internet?

Unlike satellite internet, weather does not typically affect services. There are some exceptions, such as severe storms. Lightning can cause damage to tower equipment; however during these events we work quickly to restore services. 

Can installation be done outside of normal business hours?

Absolutely, we work to find the best time on your schedule for your installation. Just give us a call to set it up. 

Do you have a contract?

No, none of our plans require a contract, which means we do not run a credit check.

What do I do if my internet isn’t working? 

Most issues are resolved by simply rebooting the router and the radio. This is done by unplugging both from power for 30 seconds and then plugging them back in. If the issue persists contact us and we will look into it immediately. 

Can I watch videos?

Yes, our plans support streaming video on sites such as Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc.